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TWiki Skin Browser

You can try out the TWikiSkins currently installed on this system:

Try Skin: Description Screenshot
try ClassicSkin: The classic TWiki skin, bare bone and functional, for any browser, with a minimum of graphics Click for full screen image
try DragonSkin: Prosaic but relatively organized look-and-feel, while providing easy access to TWiki tools Click for full screen image
try PatternSkin: Provides a CSS based default look and feel for TWiki - flexible and W3C-compliant Click for full screen image
try PlainSkin: The plain skin can be used to get the rendered topic text without any page decoration Click for full screen image
try PrintSkin: The print skin, useful to print pages with a small header and footer Click for full screen image

Note: TWikiSkins describes how to install and activate a skin

-- TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny - 25 Jul 2004
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