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TWiki is a Web-based collaboration tool

  • A TWiki site is an easy-to-use, satisfying open communication environment where...
    • people anywhere on the Internet can meet,
    • share rich Web text, images, online multimedia,
    • do it all through a regular Web browser.

TWiki is written in Perl...

TWiki's parsing engine reads a text file, hyperlinks it, and converts it to standard HTML, on the fly. The point is to:

  • make editing text extremely simple (to see how simple, click on Edit link at the bottom of the page)
  • and to let you find information fast (WebSearch).

In addition to being quick, GNHLUG aspires to the Zen ideals known as WabiSabi. Zen finds beauty in the imperfect and ephemeral. When it comes down to it, that's all you need.

GNHLUG is one of many WikiWikiClones; the first Wiki was built by Wiki:WardCummingham,

"TWiki" stands for...

  • Wiki wiki means "quick" in Hawaiian. They call the shuttle at Honolulu Airport the wiki wiki bus. Which is where the original Wiki Wiki Web got its name.
  • TWiki is short for TakeFive Wiki . (It was later found that Twiki is the name of a robot in a Buck Rogers TV show from 1979. That's his head.)

Selected TWiki Topics...

  • TWikiEnhancementRequests is the place where you can add your enhancement requests.
  • TWikiPlannedFeatures has a list of planned features for upcoming TWiki versions.
  • TWikiHistory shows TWiki's implementation history.
  • TWikiDocumentation is the implementation documentation.
  • TWikiAdministration? tells you how to do administrative stuff, like renaming or deleting a topic.
  • WikiCulture talks about the unique type of collaboration Wiki systems offer.
  • WikiReferences has links to articles and books around collaboration and the Wiki technology in particular.

Note: GNHLUG automatically signs new pages with your WikiName in case GNHLUG is running on an intranet where you log in. In case your GNHLUG installation does not authenticate users, GNHLUG does not know about usernames, and all contributors become TWikiGuest.

TWiki is trademarked to Peter Thoeny, originator and lead developer.

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