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  • TWiki has very simple text formatting rules. You won't go wrong if you:
    • start each line without spaces
    • separate paragraphs with a blank line

  • Run together capitalized words to make WikiWords:
    • WikiWords automatically appear as hyperlinks
    • make up meaningful Wiki names - it can be a challenge (it'll sharpen you up!)
    • WikiWords has name-creation tips that may help

  • If a discussion is going on on a WikiTopic:
    • separate each follow up with a horizontal rule
    • add your WikiName and date at the end

  • A good format for a new topic is "dissertation followed by discussion":
    • start with a brief, factual introduction
    • then bring on the opinions.

  • When a discussion dies down and the page becomes static, feel free to refactor mercilessly:
    • fearlessly edit down to capture the key points
    • reduce the noise without losing the facts or the flavor
    • if you merge or delete comments, you can group list "Contributors:" at the end of the page
    • That's how Wiki content matures and grows in value over time.

  • For external site links, you can type URLs directly into the text - http://etcete.ra/... - it'll clear to anyone where they're headed on click.

  • TWiki is international, and an international standard date format like 01 Sep 2001 is preferred. A date like 9/1/01, can mean either January or September, depending on the local conventions of the readers. For months, use the first three letters: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr,...

  • Look at the source when you want to find out how something is formatted: click More on the lower toolbar, then checkmark Raw text format and click on [ View revision ]. A bit of HTML experience can't hurt, but you'll soon see with TWiki how far that is from necessary.

-- PeterThoeny - 13 Sep 2001
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