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TWiki.EmbedTopicPluginDemor1.1 - 27 Dec 2004 - 03:15 - TWikiGuesttopic end

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Demo of EmbedTopicPlugin

I often felt that I wanted to be able to refer to some chunk of text in a topic as a topic in itself, but did not want to create a separate topic for this chunk of text to avoid clutter. EmbedTopicPlugin is the solution.

Suppose that we need a definition of "water" in the present text. We embed a WaterDef topic here. We will be able to edit it here, and it will also be available on its own for embeding in or linking from other topics. The plugin also supports recursion.


Some say that water is defined as H2O. H2O is itself defined as follows:


Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom stuck together by obscure quantum mechanical principles.

-- DavidBourget? - 23 Dec 2004
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