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As reported to the -org mailing list on 22-Dec-2006:

Two brief meetings were held prior to the Nashua LUG last night.

A meeting of the incorporators (those who signed the bylaws and state documents at Hosstraders) was held at 6 PM. Present were Heather Brodeur, Ted Roche, Bill Sconce and Ben Scott. Absent was Jon "maddog" Hall. The incorporators agreed to adopt the by-laws, serve as the Board of Directors and then adjourned their meeting.

A Board of Directors meeting was then held. The quorum consisted of Heather Brodeur, Ted Roche, Bill Sconce and Ben Scott. All present agreed to serve on the board. The by-laws allow for seven members, and the board decided to hold off on appointing officers until the board could agree on who would fill the two vacancies, assuming that maddog would agree to serve. The meeting was adjourned.

-- TedRoche - 24 May 2007

Postscript: in a followup email, maddog indicated he would be able and willing to serve.
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