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This is an extremely quick introduction to using Wiki and TWiki.

After you have a basic idea of how to use Wiki, you should check out WorkingOurWeb and PlanForOurWeb to put that knowledge to use.

Feel free to play around and try things out in the Test? Web.

Essential Concepts

  • Wiki is an approach to web-based colaboration
  • TWiki is the specific Wiki software we use
  • The TWiki system is divided into major sections, called Webs
  • Each web consists of web pages called Topics
  • Topic pages are mostly plain text, with a few special TextFormattingRules
  • Topics are named by using a WikiWord

Creating and Editing Topics

Click the "Edit" link at the bottom of an existing Topic to make changes to that page.

To create a new Topic:

  1. Edit an existing Topic.
  2. Add a reference to the soon-to-be topic, complete with a WikiWord.
  3. Save you changes.
  4. Click the question mark (?) next to your newly-created WikiWord.
  5. Your new Topic will spring into existance automatically

Text Formatting Basics

  • Paragraphs are separated by multiple sequential linebreaks
  • Bare URLs are automatically turned into hyperlinks
  • Typing a WikiWord in the text automatically creates a hyperlink
  • Use "WebName.TopicName" to link between webs
  • Lists
    • Three spaces followed by a star create an unordered (bullet) list item
    • Three spaces followed by a number create an ordered (numbered) list item
    • Increase spaces in multiples of three to increase indentation level
  • Section Headings
    • Three dashes (-) followed by a plus sign (+) create a H1 (title) header
    • Increase the number of plus signs for sub (or subsub) sections

Learn By Example

Look at this page's Wiki source to learn by example. To do so, click the "More" link at the bottom, and then click the "View Source" link on the resulting page. You will find that the syntax is almost self-explanatory, once you see it. Tip: Open two browser windows, one with the source, one with the "rendered" view, and compare them side-by-side.

More Information

These and more are in the TWiki Web:

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