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This is an extremely quick introduction to using Wiki and TWiki. The "real" introduction (which you should read when you get time) is at WelcomeGuest.

Essential Concepts

  • Wiki is an approach to web-based colaboration
  • TWiki is the specific Wiki software we use
  • The TWiki system is divided into major sections, called "Webs"
  • Each web consists of web pages called "Topics"
  • Topic pages are mostly plain text, with a few special TextFormattingRules
  • Topics are named by using a "WikiWord"

Creating and Editing Topics

You need to be one of the TWikiUsers to make changes. You can self-register there.

Click the "Edit" link at the bottom of an existing Topic to make changes to that page.

To create a new Topic:

  1. Edit an existing Topic.
  2. Add a reference to the soon-to-be topic, complete with a WikiWord.
  3. Save you changes.
  4. Click the question mark (?) next to your newly-created WikiWord.

Text Formatting Basics

  • Paragraphs are separated by multiple sequential linebreaks
  • Bare URLs are automatically turned into hyperlinks
  • Typing a WikiWord in the text automatically creates a hyperlink
  • Use "WebName.TopicName" to link between webs
  • Look at this page's source (see link at bottom) to learn by example

More Information

There are all in thw TWiki Web.

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