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Here's where we hope to record what went on at the SummerSummit2006 meeting.

MadDog did a great presentation (slides to be posted here) on what he learned at Wood Badge camp: how scouting works: Troop organizations, patrol organizations, how responsibility and authority were distributed. There are many parallels between the GNHLUG organization and the chapters, and a lot of discussion of how GNHLUG could be organization, what tasks are expected of the people involved. One of the missing elements of GNHLUG is a clear statement of a vision and mission for the group; a brief discussion can be found on WhatWeAre and WhatDoWeWantToBe.

Some updates are in order for OurChapters:

KenDAmbrosio has stepped down as MerriLUG chapter leader. Thanks for your hard work, Ken. HeatherBrodeur has volunteered to serve as chapter coordinator; JimKuzdrall has agreed to stay on as the alternate. Thanks to both of you!

DavidBerube has been forced to step down due to ill health. Best wishes on a speedy recovery, David! TedRoche and BillSconce have kept the CentraLUG meetings going; we're very willing to consider new venues, new topics and new ideas!

RobLembree agreed to volunteer to coordinate the next Special Event meeting. Details to follow.

Discussion on creating GNHLUG as a formal legal entity focused on liability: all are concerned on their personal liability in case of accident or negligence ar a meeting or other group-sponsored activity. We'll need to resolve these issues before moving forward.

Proposal to form a non-profit as a separate (and possibly differently-named) organization.

Outreach: attracting and retaining new members. How about some presntations on video and audio? Do New User Nights need an update?

BenScott: praise for his (and BruceDawson and BillMcGonigle) efforts to migrate to the new server, untangle the DNS issues, move over mailman. Queries on chapters supporting their own or shared forums: with the new server, we have room and resources, as long as we don't impose too much on the generosity of MV, who provides our facilities at no charge (Thanks!)

-- TedRoche - 13 Aug 2006
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