GNHLUG Spring Summit 2007

Activists get together for a follow-up meeting on what's been accomplished this year and what projects to take up. Let's try to firm up an agenda. Respond here and to the gnhlug-org list with RSVPs, ideas, suggestions, agenda items, news, etc.


If you plan on coming, please add your name to this list.

Note: Add your name to the above list if you want directions e-mailed to you. (They will be sent to the email address in your topic page (the page that's displayed when you click on one of the above links.)


  • Review and adoptions of last meeting's minutes
  • Appointment of Officers
  • Status of GNHLUG
  • Purchase / possession of GNHLUG server
  • Splitting -Discuss list into -Technical and -Social?
  • Legal rules/disclaimers? In particular, is LegalNotice good?
  • Moving along with tax status?

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