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This is the technical "To Do list" for the new GNHLUG InternetServer. Add and update as you like!

See also ServerGoals, which is more administrative/political.

Base Configuration

  • Document ServerBackups
  • Monitoring
    • Internal monitoring of both hardware and software health
      • Hardware: Temperature, fan speed, etc.
      • Software: Disk space, system load, RAID status, etc.
    • Notification mechanisms are still vague
      • I think we have two different mailing lists (for redundency)...?
      • Some kind of pager/SMS notification would be nice
    • More sophisticated outside probes
      • more then just a simple ping or TCP connect
      • SMTP relay test?
      • check a web page time stamp?
  • Installing RPM updates may clobber custom permissions

Mail services and mailing lists

See ServerMail for details, planning, and discussion on all this.

  • Figure out what to do with system mail.
  • Archives have a few broken messages from the migration.
  • Recover mail lost when archives were busted.
  • More sophisticated anti-spam solutions.
  • Should we switch from Sendmail to Postfix/Exim/whatever?
  • Better mail list archives (vs stock GNU Mailman)

New applications

There are applications of the technology that could really benefit us.

  • Automated meeting announcements (yippie!)
  • Dedicated calendar software (integrated with the above)
  • Web-based job database (job seekers and job openings), easily postable and searchable without needing a mailing list.
  • Poll/survey software
  • RSVP software for the meetings

You get the idea. Suggestions welcome.
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