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  • DEC (Digital Equipment Corp); in particular, the now-defunct facility
    • For a long time, the listmaster there was Mark Gelinas?
  • Bruce Dawson and CodeMeta
    • rogue - Server hosting DNS and mailing lists
    • hive - Server hosting website
  • MV Communications - Co-location
  • Cole Tuininga - DNS
  • Ben Scott - Reluctant IT coordinator


The first GNHLUG Internet thingy was a mailing list at ZK3. The list posting address was This was all there was for a long time.

At some point, got registered as a domain name. I believe Bruce did this.

A website was created. I believe this was also Bruce's original doing. It's gone through a few major overhauls, including being a Post-Nuke CMS blog-like site, and now a wiki via TWiki.

On Wed 7 Aug 2002, the general discussion mailing list was migrated from to

Everything stayed with Bruce for a long time.

In 2006, the server known at liberty was put into operation, and co-located at MV. The web site was migrated from hive to liberty on FIXME. The mailing lists were migrated from rogue to liberty on Sat 14 Oct. DNS registration was transfered to Cole at DynDNS on FIXME. DNS hosting was transfered from CodeMeta to liberty and DynDNS on FIXME.

Due to disk failure plus admin laziness, the server was offline from 23 Oct through 10 Nov in 2008.
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