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See also: ServerToDo, ServerFromHiveToDebian

As of March 2006, this is done. The main web site and TWiki are now running on liberty. GNHLUG is no longer hive's problem. -- BenScott - 03 Apr 2006

Bruce's current plan is to upgrade the server known as Hive some time during the week of 6 March. The goal is to have all GNHLUG services off of Hive before that happens. Hive currently hosts the and web sites. Apache and TWiki are the major services (other then system stuff). The mailing lists and DNS live on Rogue and can wait.

Note the attached file is what's currently in /home/ on the current server ( The conf/ directory has the apache configuration (source'd from the system's httpd.conf file). Beware, there's a lot of dead twigs in there. All that's really relavent is in conf/* and twiki2/*.

Also, due to bandwidth constraints of where I am, I had to play some games with getting the tar.gz file onto the TWiki - its really 191+MB, not 0.1KB!

(The huge attachment was manually deleted (outside of TWiki). The source for this page was then manually hacked up to match (again, outside of TWiki). Hopefully I've got things working so TWiki's rev control doesn't puke. -- BenScott - 28 Apr 2006)
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