Use the startchange and endchange scripts in /usr/local/adm. I was going to include Mike Ledoux's instructional message in here, but I can't find it in the archives! -- BruceDawson - 23 Feb 2006

That's because I never wrote one. I described a method that I thought would work to control access, then quickly wrote the scripts to do it and sent them up to the server. Usage is simple, really, just run startchange as yourself before making any changes, then run endchange when you are done. The scripts will prompt you for a log message (reading from stdin, redirection works fine; or use the '-e' option to fire up a real editor) then do all the magic for you. -- MikeLedoux - 27 Feb 2006

The scripts have been combined into one multi-call script, and some functionlity added. The script and links now live in /usr/local/adm/bin/ with data files in /usr/local/adm/changes/. There is a logchange script one can run to record notes on a change that didn't need the start/end guarding. See the source for details. -- BenScott - 03 Apr 20

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