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notes/minutes from 2008 Q3 Board Meeting

  • currently draft and incomplete
  • further transcription of audio record will follow
  • all formal decisions are already recorded here

31 July 2008
7:16 PM meeting formally begins

in attendance

  • Ted Roche, President
  • Ben Scott, Treasurer
  • Mike Kazin, Board Member
  • Heather Brodeur, Board Member
  • Dave "VirginSnow" Montenegro
  • Todd Warfield
  • Arc Riley
  • Nikki Henninger
  • Matt Henninger

notably absent

  • Bill Sconce, Secretary
  • Jon "maddog" Hall, Board Member
  • Shawn O'Shea, Board Member

formal decisions and agreements

  • agenda accepted, unanimous
  • no notes ready from last time, deferred
  • renewed previous motion to open bank account, unanimous
    • Ted will courier documents to Bill Sconce for his signature
  • Ben reiterated that we will need some accounting knowledge at some point
    • but that's distant, deferred

informal notes

  • concerns about distro specific stuff
  • some kind of outreach / new user / help / community / novice SIG
  • releases of Ubuntu lead to "release parties" where all the people who were unsure of upgrading came

9:07 PM meeting formally closed
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