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This page documents possible meeting locations. Not just the regular ones, but others, past and possible future.

Nashua Area

Martha's Exchange
185 Main Street
Nashua, NH
Phone: 603-883-8781
Regular meeting place for Nashua Chapter

Daniel Webster College (DWC)
We've had events here in the past; nice facilites.

Southern NH University (SNHU) (formerly NH College)
We've had events here in the past; nice facilites.

Concord Area

NHTI Library
New Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI) 31 College Drive
Concord, NH
Regular meeting place for Concord Chapter

BruceDawson has also offered his farm in Loudon, NH. Appropriate for large outdoor meetings, BBQ's, small numbers of people (<20) requiring projector and/or internet access.

Seacoast Area

Morse Hall
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH
Regular meeting place for Seacoast Shapter.
Contact RobertAnderson for arrangements.

NHCTC (NH Community Technical College)
We've had events here in the distance past; maybe we should look into them again?

Monadnock Area

Peterborough Public Library
Peterborough, NH
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