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This is a list of ideas and suggestions for meetings. Various sources have contributed over the years. This list includes both topics (subject matter) as well as techniques (how to go about having the meetings).

There is MeetingSpeakers page that lists people who are willing to give presentations on specific things.

This list is by no means exhaustive! If you have an idea, add it! If you have a prepared presentation, attach them to your new topic.

Some of the ideas that have been floated for meetings are:

  • Gaming (and games) on Linux
  • Mail filtering (complete and end-all)
  • Realtime
  • Conferencing software (Video, whiteboard, audio, etc.)
  • Demo night of various small applications (organization needed)
  • Neat Hardware
  • How to choose hardware
  • How to choose hardware that works well with Linux
  • Cablemodems: tricks of dealing with (Ben Boulanger
  • Marketing Linux to: Your Boss, Someone Else's Boss (Maddog will take this on)
  • Licenses of Open Source (what do they mean)
  • IPV6: what is it, will it ever arrive, and how to deal with it when it does.
  • Lilipad: Music typesetter
  • e-commerce
  • accounting software
  • alan cox
  • esr
  • rms
  • doc searles
  • ken coar [I am not sure if the last five are to give a talk about a topic or just stand on the stage and glow...but this was brainstorming, and I did not want to break the flow of consciousness to ask. - md]
  • PHP - rasmus
  • mySQL - nusphere
  • intro to security (Ben Boulanger
  • perl (Ben Boulanger [break the topic up]
  • IDE tools - Kylix
  • JAVA - IBM
  • Guile
  • Glade
  • Apache Configuration (Rich Cloutier 20 Apr 2002)
  • Java on Linux (Paul Courchene; 4 Jan 2002)
  • Virtual Machines and Linux
  • X10 - control your home/office from your Linux box!
  • CollaborationTools - an overview of Linux based collaboration tools.
  • LinuxClustering - Making several Linux boxes perform as one.
  • OfficeAutomation - Linux Office applications.
  • Favorite Tools and Productivity applications
  • Factory Automation, Bar Coding (Kurth Bemis ,
  • Introduction to Firewals - An intro to the new IP Tables firewall code in the 2.4.x kernel series
  • Anti-spam/Virus techniques - How can you deal with Spam/viruses
  • Sendmail setup/configuration
  • Some answers to the "Now what?" feeling one often gets after a successful Linux install
  • Favorite packages (everyone has their own, maybe a Show'n'Tell?)
  • LyX - The WYSIWYM Document Processor
  • Using a Palm Pilot with Linux
  • A "From the Ground Up" Installation session. Maybe with different distributions, how to do dual/multi-boot systems
  • Different Mail clients (compare/contrast (X)pine, mutt, (n)mh/exmh
  • System Administration Techniques and practices
  • Customizing Emacs/vi
  • Intro to sw development tools (automake/autoconf, Makefiles, cscope, etc.)
  • Cryptography
  • Security
  • CAD Software
  • USB Support
  • Video conferencing
  • GIS software
  • PGP/GPG and key signing.

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