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Some ideas for a meeting agenda are:

  • Introduction and where you are. Thank the host.
  • Facilities news (where are the restrooms, eats, drinks, ...). Time we have to be out, ...
  • Ice breaker - go around the room and everyone says their name and why they're here, what they're doing with Linux, corporate affilation, ...
  • Say whats going to happen next in the meeting
    • Presentation
    • Q & A
    • break and interpersonal networking
    • Optional: retire to a restaraunt/watering hole
  • Introduce presenter
  • Facilitate presentation (if possible, set up the equipment beforehand - try to remember to bring extension cords, cell phone, extra cables, ...)
  • After the presentation and its Q & A, then you can start giving stuff out. This is generally done by picking up a ticket at the door.

That looks like a good start, BruceDawson. I'd like to add a general Linux Q&A to that, to allow the newer users an in-person chance to pick the brains of the more experienced users. I once saw a really good format for a LUG meeting that incorporated this type of general Q&A (sorry, I don't recall where), that went something like this (I'm filling in missing pieces in my memory from the above list, so this will probably look quite similar):

  • Welcome & Introductions
    • Who we are, where we are
    • Make sure to thank the host!
  • Administrivia & Facilities News
    • Announce future meetings
    • Pointers to restrooms and refreshments
    • When do we have to leave
    • Explain meeting format
  • Questions ( not answers )
    • Questions should be recorded in a publicly visible place, so everyone (including latecomers) can see them.
  • Presentation
    • Introduce presenter
    • Facilitate presentation
    • Presentation Q&A
    • Make sure to thank the presenter!
  • Answers
    • By waiting to answer the questions, you should get higher quality answers, since people have had more time to consider the questions.
  • Door Prizes
  • (optional) Post-meeting refreshments at a local restaurant/watering hole

-- MikeLedoux - 13 Mar 2001

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