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A place to store a template of the email announcement you post to the forums. Helps to remember to mention the time, date, place and where to get directions, etc.

Generic Example

The FIXME-LUG, a chapter of the Greater New Hampshire Linux User Group, meets the FIXME(first, second, third Monday, Tuesday etc.) at the FIXME LOCATION at FIXME 7 P.M.

This month, we'll meet on FIXME DATE and will feature FIXME SPEAKER presenting FIXME TOPIC. FIXME TOPIC is... FIXME SPEAKER is... (supplied by speaker.)

For more details and direction to FIXME-LUG, please visit

For more details on GNHLUG, please visit


The monthly meeting of CentraLUG?, the Concord/Central New Hampshire chapter of the Greater New Hampshire Linux Users Group, occurs on the first Monday of each month on the New Hampshire Institute Campus starting at 7 PM.

This month, we'll be meeting in Room 146 of the Library/Learning Center/Bookstore, , marked as "I" on that map. Directions and maps are available on the NHTI site at The main meeting starts at 7 PM, with ______ presenting ________. Open to the public. Free admission. Tell your friends.

More details at about this meeting and the group are available at and as I learn them!

Hope to see you there!






-- TedRoche - 14 Oct 2005
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