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There are several mailing lists that operate independent of these. See Www.MailingLists for them.

The following are aliases at the domain. Note that several have been canceled as worthless spam traps. Also, perhaps some or all should not be aliases, but lists or shared IMAP mailboxes.

Alias Purpose Destination
info General information Canceled
vendors For/about/to/from vendors Canceled
chairs Notifying all chapter chairs Canceled
treasurer Monetary issues Canceled
steering Notifying those that direct GNHLUG's actions Canceled
nun New User Nights Canceled
chairman To the FearlessLeader Canceled
webmaster BenScott
postmaster mail service at BenScott

Note that we favor the use of role addresses (like "treasurer") rather then personal addresses (like "jsmith"). Job roles can be assigned to various individuals, and change over time.

Aliases configuration changes can be done by the InternetServer team.
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