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Combine the old-style "Linux install fest" with elements of our abandoned NewUserNight? project to create a HelpFest. A HelpFest would be targeted at anyone who needs help with Linux and/or other FreeSoftware. Anything from installing Linux for the first time to getting some particular aspect of their system working to tweaking a particular program.


  • warm bodies (volunteers)
  • a decent Internet connection
  • a working Linux box with
    • local copies of most major distros
    • local mirrors of recent updates for those distros
    • third-party releases likely to be of interest (e.g.,
    • a CD-RW drive for "burn on demand" CD production
  • a small Ethernet LAN to connect it all together
  • a computer projection screen would be nice, but isn't required

-- BenScott - 10 Feb 2004
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