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GNHLUG Board of Directors Summer 2007

  • What: GNHLUG (state-wide) organizational/administrativemeeting
  • Who: Everyone interested in bringing GNHLUG forward
  • Where: Martha's Exchange, Nashua, NH
  • Date: Thursday, August 30th
  • Time: 6 PM, Dinner plus meeting
  • Meeting Notes: BoardNotesSummer2007

Activists get-together for a follow-up meeting on what's been accomplished in the last quarter and what projects to take up. Let's try to firm up an agenda. Respond here and to the gnhlug-org list with RSVPs, ideas, suggestions, agenda items, news, etc.


If you plan on coming, please add your name to this list. (List from Spring meeting, remove yourself if not available.)

Note: Add your name to the above list if you want directions e-mailed to you. (They will be sent to the email address in your topic page (the page that's displayed when you click on one of the above links.)


Old business

  1. Review/accept minutes from last meeting
  2. Progress report from President on his assignments
  3. Progress report from Secretary on administrative process
  4. Progress report from Treasurer on tax status, bank account
    • Tax Status: What flavor of 501(c) tax-exempt organization are we?
  5. Hosstraders / NEARFest discussion

New business

  1. Future activities to consider
  2. Request for new discussion topics

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