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Organizational.AutumnalSummit2005Notesr1.6 - 23 Oct 2005 - 19:53 - ToddWarfieldtopic end

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These are the meeting notes from the AutumnalSummit2005?.

Please feel free to comment on them by using the comment box.

  • TedRoche read topics we were to cover.
  • Introductions.
    • We need to agree on tasks and schedules.
  • Reviewed SummerSummit2005Notes
  • Described Incorporation activities
    • By-laws well-recieved; some changes suggested.
    • 501(c)6 is typically a "trade" organization and is permitted to do lobbying
    • 502(c)3 are typically charitable organizations that are not permitted to lobby.
    • Discussed pros/cons of incorporating and legal challanges
      • Liability, insurance
    • Moved to continue pursing incorporation by Ted, 2nded by ToddWarfield.
    • BillSconce moved to not have dues. 2nded by BillMcGonigle.
    • How to define our membership?
  • Marketing.
    • Linux trademark is maintained at $200/yr annual dues for non-profits to sublicense the trademark should we need to trademark GNHLUG.
    • MadDog has indicated Linux International is developing an affiliation program for user groups, not yet ready.
  • Meetings
    • Heather's position and job was "accepted" and people agreed that she will razz them until they get done what needs done.
    • TWiki/automated mechanisms for meeting announcements.
    • 3 month lead time for meeting topics and automations.
  • Web site
    • TWiki use.
    • Botnet details.
    • Discussion of TWiki webs.
    • BenScott will make all the changes to the web site (Put all the GNHLUG web pages under Main, and create a search-all box.)
  • Outreach
    • Business incubators
    • Encourage people to "register" an outreach effort under the GNHLUG.

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