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I've used Linux since my Bulgarian friend showed it to me back in 1993; installing early Slackware with semi-unreliable floppies downloaded two at a time onto the VAX over a sloooow connection sucked, but the results were (mostly) worth it...I had a real C compiler of my very own! (Of course I later found out that the VAX/VMS compiler was a lot pickier than gcc, but anyway...) I moved on to RedHat? many years later when I first got a cable modem. After my system was compromised due to an unpatched print service (that shouldn't have been running) I switched to Debian because it seemed to be organized more like the Sun systems I was used to at work (Cabletron Systems, oh my!) ... 6 months later, my Debian system was compromised (SSH vulnerability) and I spent three weeks reading about security. I'm still not an expert, but I haven't had a system compromised since (3 years?) ... on the other hand, you have different fingers. (Ermmm no wait... I meant on the other hand, I'm possibly a bit paranoid now.)

Distibution: Debian

Emacs or vi: vim (but you use what you want.)

Linux or Windows: Linux for what Linux is good at, Windows for the corners it misses.

Hardware or software: HARDWARE.

Boys or girls: Tracy!
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