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GNOME Cal GNOME Calendar KOrganizer KDE Personal Calendar/Organizer Web Calendar A web-based group calendar system Main.PaulLussier 25 Jun 2003
GNUCash GNUCash Personal/Small Business Finance Management software MoneyDance Commercial multi-platform Finance Management software Main.PaulLussier 25 Jun 2003 ...
GNOME Office GNOME Office Suite KOffice KDE Office Suite Multi-platform office suite supported on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris oofetchfield ...
Evolution GNOME PIM (Outlook clone) for e-mail, calendar, news, etc. JPilot Desktop app to sync with PalmOS devices Main.PaulLussier 25 Jun 2003
Gimp The imaging program for Linux. A very complete tool for all types of graphic/photo creation and maipulation tasks. Scribus A full featured desktop publishing ...
Productivity Office Suites, Finance, Calendars, PIM, etc. Tools IDEs, Editors, Compilers, Debuggers, Revision Control Systems, etc. Media MP3/MPEG video players ...

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