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Gaim Multi-protocol IM client (does AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, etc.) Gabber Dedicated Jabber client Main.PeterSaintAndre 19 Oct 2003
Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird is a standalone email client. It is not only fast and efficient, it is also loaded with features. Evolution Ximian Evolution is ...
Mozilla Mozilla web browser (successor to Netscape Navigator) Firefox Mozilla Firefox is a standalone web browser based upon the Mozilla core. Formerly called Firebird ...
Straw Straw is part of the Gnome project and is a nice, flexible GUI RSS feed reader. Main.EdLawson 14 Feb 2004
Productivity Office Suites, Finance, Calendars, PIM, etc. Tools IDEs, Editors, Compilers, Debuggers, Revision Control Systems, etc. Media MP3/MPEG video players ...

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