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RSS ("Real Simple Syndication") provides an alternate means of being notified of changes to our web site. RSS is a form of XML which can be read in many browsers ...
Straw Straw is part of the Gnome project and is a nice, flexible GUI RSS feed reader. Main.EdLawson 14 Feb 2004
(Edit this table) When Group What Who How many \ Thur 20 Feb 2020 GNHLUG General Meeting Members ~25 (Edit this table) No affiliation with GNHLUG; courtesy link ...
This page lists regularly scheduled meetings and events. It exists mainly to feed TWiki auto-generated calendars. 1 Mon CentraLUG Concord 1 Thu DLSLUG 2 Mon SLUG ...
Contact information here: 376148 MAINWEB .BillMcGonigle 30 Jan 2006
RubySIG ABSORBED Now part of the Portsmouth Web Dev Meetup. New Hampshire Ruby Users Group AKA Ruby Special Interest Group Former coordinators Coordinator: Main.BrianTurnbull ...

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