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GNOME Cal GNOME Calendar KOrganizer KDE Personal Calendar/Organizer Web Calendar A web-based group calendar system Main.PaulLussier 25 Jun 2003
CentraLUG (Concord) DISCONTINUED Concord and central NH area Meetings: Discontinued circa Dec 2011 Members: Main.CentraLUGGroup
Please let us know the number of children (18 years of age and under) that will be attending with you. (Weather permitting, we'll have a short tour of the property ...
Christoph Doerbeck works as a Sales Engineer/Consultant at Red Hat Inc. Personal web site: He includes several GNHLUG presentations in his already ...
Good Stuff People in GNHLUG have tried this stuff and like it, or at least consider it worth considering. Mail UseNet News WWW The World Wide Web IRC Internet Relay ...
Rob Taylor presented a discussion on comparing distributions at the 12 May 2005 meeting of Main.MonadLUG. Slides included below. Main.TedRoche 20 Jun 2005
Contacting GNHLUG Please Note : You will need to remove "NoSpam" from the following addresses before using them. Our Fearless Leaders Ted Roche (tedroche@tedrocheNoSpam ...
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