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This is for describing and commenting on things that "need to be done" to the software running this website. Feel free to insert action items using ACTION ... MAINWEB ...
How to find the people to enrich the ranks, become volunteers, and let us further our plans for WorldDomination? Who are the people we want to attract? UNIX sysadmins ...
A new position, proposed at the SummerSummit2005. A central coordinator to help each of the chapter co-ordinators schedule meetings, plan on getting announcements ...
This is what the business world calls "IT Resources". WebSites MailAliases DomainMaster ListMaster WebMaster
TOC Overview The big goal: Allow anyone to telecommute to our meetings and join in. Goals Short-term goals: Using existing technology to at least broadcast our meetings ...
All new Event Announcements will be created using this template. Typically the user will replace this text with whatever s/he wants to say. WIKIUSERNAME DATE

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