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-- Main.EdLawson 30 Jan 2004 The immediate goal of this project is to help NHSTE with its programs to introduce Linux to school technical personnel and to provide ...
Status and other information pertaining to the movement of this project are covered in the links below: Developments on programs 31 Mar 2004
This is primarily to demonstrate the workflow abilities of TWiki. But the SummerSummit2005 did occur on this date. Main.BruceDawson 06 Oct 2005
This is a SLUG meeting where many fun and exciting things will be discussed. Sorry I can't be more specific; this is a demonstration. Main.BruceDawson 06 Oct 2005 ...
This is another demonstration of a future event. Monadlug will be having a meeting on this date.
This topic is primarily to demonstrate the "workflow" aspects of TWiki. But there is also the AutumnalSummit2005 meeting. Main.BruceDawson 06 Oct 2005
Please consider attending the FallGNHLUGQuarterlyMeeting on 3 Nov 2005. CentraLUG should do something to organize car pools up there. CentraLUG's meeting will be an ...

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