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What Summer BBQ Parties
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This will be a "pot-luck" BBQ. Show off your culinary or shopping skills, and please bring some kind of edible item for the party. Children are welcome! (But not as edible items.) Bring your own beer, or even bring some to share -- and given this crowd, I expect to see some decent brews. The farm will be supplying beef (hamburger and beef sausage), you supply the rest!

Times and RSVP information to follow Real Soon Now.

RSVP and Potluck

Hope to see you all there!
Please RSVP here (so we know how many to expect):


That also will let you register items for the potluck list. Please look it over to make sure we don't get too many of the same thing, then add your own. Note, there are more potluck slots than we likely need, for flexibility. And remember, the farm is supplying hamburgers and beef sausage, so we don't need more of those.

The registration site:

  • Requires JavaScript
  • Requires an email address (but promises not to publish or share it)
  • Will generate a guest-specific URL for you, once you've registered
  • Will email you a copy of your registration, with that URL
  • Lets you use the URL to edit your responses

If you object to the above, email Ben Scott at dragonhawk@gmailNoSpam.com with your registration information, and he'll add your info without your email address.

Thanks to Bill McGonigle for setting up the registration thingy.

Getting There

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