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You are signing up to attend the 2008 GNHLUG Summer BBQ at Miles Smith Farm. Please fill in the form items below to "register" for the event. You will get directions to the location a few days before the event.

Miles Smith Farm is located in Loudon, New Hampshire about 15 miles northeast of Concord, NH. Its about a 1 hour drive from Nashua, Durham, and Plymouth.

If you have any additional information for the coordinators, or need detailed directions, please edit this topic and insert your comments below.

META FORM SummerBBQ2007SignUp  
META FIELD AttendeeName AttendeeName Bill Freeman
META FIELD AttendeeEmail AttendeeEmail ke1g.nh@gmailNoSpam.com
META FIELD AdultCount AdultCount 2
META FIELD ChildCount ChildCount 0
META FIELD FoodDish FoodDish cider & Tabouli
META FIELD NotesEtc NotesEtc  
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