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Please Note: It is recommended that you check the GNHLUG home page and/or the gnhlug-announce mailing list archives before planning to attend a meeting. Meetings are not always held every month, and they are sometimes rescheduled or moved.
Are you interested in starting a new chapter or SIG? Subscribe to the OrgList list and post a message asking how!
Are you interested in starting a new chapter or SIG? Subscribe to the OrgList list and post a message asking how! (It's easy!)

For everything, there is a season; and all things must end. Our history includes some DiscontinuedGroups.

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Group When Where
DLSLUG 1st Thursday Carson Hall, Dartmouth College, Hanover
SLUG 2nd Monday Morse Hall, UNH, Durham
MonadLUG 2nd Thursday SAU 1 offices, Peterborough
RubySIG 3rd Monday RMC Research, Portsmouth
MonadLUG 2nd Monday SAU 1 offices, Peterborough

ManchLUG 4th Tuesday Wings Your Way, Manchester
PySIG 4th Thursday Amoskeag Business Incubator, Manchester

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CentraLUG (Concord)


  • Concord and central NH area
  • Meetings: Discontinued circa Dec 2011
  • Members: CentraLUGGroup

DLSLUG (Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee)



DISCONTINUED due to lack of interest.

SLUG (Seacoast LUG)

ManchLUG (Manchester)

MonadLUG (Monadnock)




Now part of the Portsmouth Web Dev Meetup.

MerriLUG (Nashua)

  • Nashua, New Hampshire
  • Coordinator: ChrisGagnon?
  • Meeting location
    • Makeit Labs
    • 29 Crown Street,
    • Nashua, NH 03060
    • http://makeitlabs.com/about/map/
    • Makeit Labs is actually located on the backside of the building at 29 Crown St. and can be a bit tricky to find. To get there, you will need to pass the place the GPS says they are at by at least 200 yards. Take a right onto the tree lined dirt road after Greenerd Press. The dirt road turns right to the train yard and Makeit Labs parking lot.

  • Nashua/Merrimack Valley area
  • A.K.A. MVLUG, A.K.A. MELBA, A.K.A. other silly names...
  • Former meetings:
    • Used to be third Thursday of the month
    • Before that, it was the fourth Wednesday
  • See MerriLUGPast page and PastEvents for history
  • Members: MerriLUGGroup



KSCLUG (Keene State College)

  • Can you volunteer to coordinate a meeting?

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