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GNHLUG Site-Level Preferences

The following are site-level settings that affect all users in all webs on this TWikiSite. They can be selectively overwritten on the individual web level (see WebPreferences in each web), topic level (the topic being rendered), and on the user level (create preferences in your user account topic in the Main web, ex: TWikiGuest).

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  • TWiki webmaster name (first name and last name, e.g. Fred Smith):
    • Set WIKIWEBMASTERNAME = Bruce Dawson

  • Mail host for outgoing mail. This is used for WebChangesAlert if Perl module Net::SMTP is installed. If not, or if SMTPMAILHOST is empty, the external sendmail program is used instead (defined by $mailProgram in TWiki.cfg). Examples: mail.your.company or localhost
    • Set SMTPMAILHOST = mail.gnhlug.org
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