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Current status: No progress. I've run into a few Asterisk "inconsistencies" in my own installation that I'd like to iron out before installing on the GNHLUG server. Current inconsistencies:
  • IAXy dropping connections. This only recently started happening; there were no software changes. And only appears to happen on my internal network - external IAX connections appear sound.
  • Sometimes Asterisk seems to go beserk, chewing up all system resources (RAM, shared memory, and CPU, possibly semaphores too). I suspect this is hardware related but am not sure.
  • It looks like future upgrades will be painful - I'm working on a configuration schema that will make it easier.

-- BruceDawson - 11 Feb 2008

Status: This sorta fell through the cracks. (The cracks being upgrading liberty, a death in the family, overseas travel, and an aging brain.)

However, if there no objections, I'm ready to start installing Asterisk on liberty. Please let me know of any reasons this should not be done within the next week or so.

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