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What went on at the SummerSummit2006 meeting.
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RobLembree agreed to volunteer to coordinate the next Special Event meeting. Details to follow.

MadDog agreed to put together a list of events happening in the New England Area that we might be able to draw "well known" speakers from. - maddog

Discussion on creating GNHLUG as a formal legal entity focused on liability: all are concerned on their personal liability in case of accident or negligence ar a meeting or other group-sponsored activity. We'll need to resolve these issues before moving forward.

Proposal to form a non-profit as a separate (and possibly differently-named) organization.

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BenScott: praise for his (and BruceDawson and BillMcGonigle) efforts to migrate to the new server, untangle the DNS issues, move over mailman. Queries on chapters supporting their own or shared forums: with the new server, we have room and resources, as long as we don't impose too much on the generosity of MV, who provides our facilities at no charge (Thanks!)

Heather and Matt were extremely gracious hosts, and put out a spread that could not be beat! - maddog

-- TedRoche - 13 Aug 2006
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