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Here's where we hope to record what went on at the SummerSummit2006 meeting.
What went on at the SummerSummit2006 meeting.

Attendees: HeatherBrodeur, MattBrodeur, MadDog Hall, JimKuzdrall, RobLembree, BillMcGonigle, TedRoche, BillSconce, BenScott

MadDog did a great presentation (slides to be posted here) on what he learned at Wood Badge camp: how scouting works: Troop organizations, patrol organizations, how responsibility and authority were distributed. There are many parallels between the GNHLUG organization and the chapters, and a lot of discussion of how GNHLUG could be organization, what tasks are expected of the people involved. One of the missing elements of GNHLUG is a clear statement of a vision and mission for the group; a brief discussion can be found on WhatWeAre and WhatDoWeWantToBe.

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