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We need to pick a hostname for our InternetServer. Criteria for the name, in roughly descending importance:
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  • It makes software configuration easier. I used to have bfccomputing.com with another name, and realized that since I wasn't going to have a second server I was going through extra work to make stuff work. I've never confused myself by talking about an internet service vs. a piece of hardware. Context and all that. -- BillMcGonigle - 17 Feb 2006
    • I would hope you wouldn't confuse yourself. wink As I said, we already have more then one machine involved. And I have been personally present to witness confusion caused by poor naming choices. Say we call it "gnhlug.org". Then what does the complaint "gnhlug.org is down" mean? What happens if we host additional domain names? What happens when we mightrate to a new machine? There is even an FYI RFC (RFC-1178) which says not to do this. -- BenScott - 18 Feb 2006

I also have a more general opinion: In general, I operate under the theory that hostnames are distinct from domain names. For example, if we call this server "fred", then "fred" serves to identify the box. Then "fred" will always mean the box, regardless of whether it is reachable as "fred.gnhlug.org" or "fred.bscott.local" (my home LAN) or even "www.gnhlug.org". This is a mostly conceptual thing, since ultimately, DNS domain names like "gnhlug.org" and "www.gnhlug.org" are just the index keys used to lookup records; there's nothing about an A record that implies a computer.

-- BenScott - 10 Feb 2006

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