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From the ProposedByLaws2005 topic, October 2005, the matching "Articles of Agreement" New Hampshire registration application is in PDF form. Here's the text, scraped from the PDFs, which introduces some typos not in the original:

Corrected my name to Ted Roche and address to 278 Kearsarge Avenue. Rephrased SECOND to say "The objectives of the organization are to provide the basic structure and support for meetings and social events for all who are interested in Linux and related software and to provide the resources and infrastructure need to help its members engage in educational programs about, and provide free assistance to users of, Linux and related software."

-- TedRoche - 05 Aug 2006

I attempted to correct some (but not all) of the transcription errors. Someone who has the original should bring this article more in-line with that document.

-- BruceDawson - 22 Oct 2005

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